Elia Wallen Travelers Haven LLC

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Survival rather than growth has been the watchword for many small businesses recently, but not so for Travelers Haven, a Denver-based company that provides customized corporate and temporary housing solutions in all 50 states and more than 5,000 cities. The five-year old company has been posting triple-digit growth rates, but it lacked the technology infrastructure necessary to maintain that pace and to break through to the next level, says president and CEO Elia Wallen. Winning the Productivity@Work Contest is just what it needed to overcome that obstacle.

"The technology we're getting is a leap beyond what we had before. Comcast Business Class Internet is 30 times faster than our old T1 service," he explains. "We do a huge amount of internet research, downloading and uploading pictures, and the faster speed will support a significant improvement in productivity." Additionally, the hardware upgrade and Microsoft software and training included in Travelers Haven's prize package coupled with the big boost in connectivity capacity means the company now has everything it needs to launch a new website targeting the short-term housing market. "We should be ready to launch by the beginning of the year," Wallen says.

Company Profile:

We are experiencing dramatic growth despite a challenging economy. Earning a solid foothold in the temporary housing industry over five years, our first quarter is up 320% over LY. We know how lucky we are as a new startup although recognizing challenges with our infrastructure. Funding and staffing are typically issues for a new company, however we've recruited a solid, long-term team and have funding to cover standard operating budgets. We are lacking cutting edge technology. Without innovative technology in place this could affect our growth curve and actually hold us back. Our 2010 goals are on target with anticipated growth of over 300% to LY. This is exciting but also concerning to sustain that growth.

Our Vision Statement includes:

  • be the industry leader in quality, value, integrity and sales
  • offer quality temporary lodging at rates lower than competition
  • simplify the housing process, offering a 'one-call' solution

Deficits include updated computers, phone systems and software to streamline and move us to the next level.

Technology from Comcast would allow us to continue rapid growth. As our primary cable/internet vendor for clients... your technology support is a welcome partnership! With a proven formula for earning our customer's business, we're planning expansion of on-site offices in several major cities, piggy-backing on our current success. We're very aware of maintaining controlled growth, one city at a time, learning from mistakes and not over exposing ourselves at the cost of current customers and valued business!

In Partnership with HP and Microsoft