Mark Fidel Applied Records Management

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Applied Records Management (ARM) is a litigation support consulting firm. We work with law firms and governmental agencies to assist them in managing large volumes of discovery, either in hardcopy or electronic format. We have the ability to manage the scanning and conversion of discovery documents into usable database formats for our clients' internal use or we can host the data for our clients. We would like to expand our IT infrastructure to allow for greater scanning and storage capabilities and larger hosting jobs. We currently expend a lot of time and energy in physically transporting processed back to our clients, which also limits our geographical sphere of influence. Additionally, we are forced to outsource large scanning jobs because our current scanning capacity. A more robust IT infrastructure would allow us to host larger projects for our clients who do not maintain a large enough IT infrastructure. Additionally, a more robust IT infrastructure would allow us to have our clients come into our environment, electronically and securely, to retrieve their processed projects. I am a former litigator and it is my goal to help active litigators do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. There is a right place and time for technology in the practice of law and I am proud of being able to help my fellow attorneys actually work with their data instead of spending their time managing it or searching for it.

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