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March 2014 | Open Your Communications Channels Wider
There is no question that collaboration is a critical part of nearly every core decision you make, whether it’s with co-workers, customers, vendors, and anyone else your business touches. In this issue of Productivity@Work, we explore the ways in which technology has enabled opportunities for collaboration that you might never have imagined, the ways to build a collaborative culture, and the tools and resources that make collaboration really cook. If there are issues you’d like to see covered in Productivity@Work, or if you’d like your company to be profiled in a future issue, email us at Editor_at_newsletter@cable.comcast.com, and we’ll get back to you.

A decade ago, intranets were designed to be top-down portals for pushing information to employees. Today's collaboration mechanisms -- wikis, expert blogs, and more -- aggregate feedback better and allow for faster data sharing without in-person meetings than ever before. Read More
More Features from Productivity@Work:

Can your business technology do this?
  • Respond to customers faster
  • Foster collaboration
  • Make your employees more productive
Tell us how you use technology to grow your business.
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Maintaining global connections is the key to the success of owner Alv Elvestad's unique canoe company. Read More
More Company Profiles
Diamond Warranty Corporation: Finding the Keys to Return on Cloud Investment
How vice president R. Michael McArthur found the apps that gave this premium extended auto warranty company the best bang for its buck.
Affiliated Insurance Services: Living (and Making a Living) on the 'Net
Here's how Affiliated maximizes email communication with customers and vendors, all of the individual insurance company programs, rating services, and its own management programs.
Axis41: More Speed, Less Cost
Big Data is all the rage in business circles right now, but before the concept ever reached its current buzz-worthy status, companies like Axis41 were facing the challenges that come with gathering, analyzing, and manipulating huge amounts of data, not to mention sharing it both internally and externally.
Tir Na Nog: A BYOD Melting Pot
Combining the welcoming warmth of an authentic Irish pub with world-class TV, WiFi, Internet, and voice.

Collaborating with colleagues, partners, and customers--whether via Windows Sharepoint, social networking sites, or texting--gives companies agility to drive innovation and success. Read More
More Resources
B4B Resource: Put the Cloud to Work for Your Business
As your mobile (and in-house) staff increasingly turns to its own devices and apps to boost their own productivity, you have the option of giving them access to proven, powerful cloud-based tools and applications. The Upware Marketplace from Comcast Business offers all the resources you can use.
Productivity@Work Resource: Upware: Core Cloud-based Tools and Apps to Support Your Anywhere Workers
As your mobile (and in-house) staff increasingly turns to its own devices and apps to boost their own productivity, you have the option of giving them access to proven, powerful cloud-based tools and applications.
Productivity@Work Resource: Make Your Business a Real Hot Spot
If you're a Comcast Business Internet customer with any type of waiting area for customers, patients, or other patrons, you can turn your business into a WiFi hotspot at no cost. It's a value-added way to give your customers another reason to come to your business.
Productivity@Work Resource: A Phone System That Matches Your People
A managed voice solution allows you to focus on your business instead of your business communications.

Hightail (formerly YouSendIt) is a simple, safe, and convenient content-sharing solution that works wherever you need to work. Collaborate effortlessly and securely with colleagues, clients, and contractors, and move your business forward. Read More
More Tips
Upware Tip: Carbonite™ Takes Data Backup off Your Plate
When you’re focused on serving your clients and growing your business, tasks like data backup can fall to the bottom of your priority list.
Productivity@Work Tip: Kickstart Your Technology
Technology evolves at breakneck speed, and it plays an increasingly important role in the success of all types of businesses, regardless of size.
Productivity@Work Tip: Get Your Data Faster
When your business needs data, speed rules the day. Comcast Business Internet offers download speeds up to 100Mbps* and Business High Speed Internet speeds up to 5 times faster than DSL . According to a PCMag test of the fastest business ISPs in 2012, Comcast Business Internet topped both Verizon and tw telecom. In fact, PCMag dubbed Comcast Business "the fastest business ISP."

Make Your Business Case
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