Judi’s House, a Denver-based nonprofit organization, has a tough but vital mission. It provides children and teens, ages three to 24, with the opportunity to participate in support groups with peers their own age who have had similar experience related to death loss. “Children and their adult caregivers are taught healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with the death of a loved one,” says Carol Hines, director of operations. “They are given the freedom to grieve in their own way and at their own pace and, ultimately, to learn that hope and healing are possible.”

A tall order, to be sure, but since it was founded by former NFL quarterback Brian Griese in memory of his late mother in 2002, Judi’s House has provided more than 6,000 children and their adult caregivers with opportunities to participate in its programs and to learn that hope and healing are indeed possible. “As Judi’s House finds communication the key to helping grieving children, communications technology helps us run a smooth operation,” Hines says. “Our staff recognizes the value of quality, reliable communication services, and that’s what we get as participants in Comcast’s Community Partners Program.” Judi’s House subscribes to Comcast Business Class Internet, Business Class Voice, and Business Class TV.

Connecting on- and offline

The organization’s website is a primary tool in its efforts to generate support, used extensively to announce fundraising events and to publicize volunteer opportunities. Judi’s House also applies for many of its grants via email, and having a reliable, high-quality Internet connection provides it with peace of mind that those critical messages will be delivered without delay. That confidence is further boosted by knowing their computers are protected by the Norton Business Suite antivirus software that comes included with their Internet service.

Social media, too, is playing an increasingly important role in building support for Judi’s House. It uses Comcast’s fast connection to manage its Facebook page efficiently, to distribute electronic newsletters, and to update supporters and volunteers about its work. The staff turns to Business Class TV to stay informed about current events and community initiatives, and they rely especially on Business Class Voice because it allows them to make the voice-to-voice connections that are so important in their work.

Staying on budget

Budget issues are an important consideration for any organization, and certainly nonprofits are not exempt from that concern. Technology choices impact the bottom line, and by participating in the Comcast Community Partners program, Judi’s House gains access to a full suite of mission-critical, high-quality services while staying within its budget. “Comcast Business Class services allow us to be efficient and to function to the best of our ability,” Hines says.

For a child, whose entire experience of the world is defined by their connection to a handful of people, the death of one of those people can be isolating, confusing, life-altering, even devastating, Hines says. The work that Judi’s House does on a daily basis helps thousands of those children and their caregivers to deal with such loss in a meaningful way, and the technology provided by Comcast Business Class services helps make that possible.

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