You can get an Xfinity WiFi hotspot for yourself and your employees in many of the markets where Comcast Business provides Internet service. As a value-added service, Comcast Business WiFi helps you create goodwill for your customers while driving traffic to your location. Customers benefit by being able to browse the Web, check emails, and stream audio/video. 

Comcast Business Internet WiFi advantages include: 
• 300,000 access points. Become part of the XFINITY WiFi network with more than 300,000 hotspots and growing. 
 You’ll be on the map. Your business will be added to the XFINITY WiFi hotspot location map and on the mobile app and XFINITY WiFi website viewed by thousands of potential customers every day. 
 Marketing materials. Comcast business provides window stickers, table tents, and connection instructions. 
 Speed! XFINITY WiFi outperforms its two closest competitors. 
• 24x7 support. Comcast Business provides around-the-clock technical support for both end-users and the hosting businesses. 

Benefits of the Xfinity WiFi Hotspot include: 
• Mobility for your employees within your business location. 
• Fast access to the cloud. 
• Extension to Comcast Business Internet offering. 
• Password accessible. 

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