One of the primary benefits of a well-managed customer pipeline is a potential increase in repeat customers, which can result in lower marketing costs because it is cheaper to keep an existing customer than to capture a new one. Repeat customers can become strong proponents for your brand and provide greater lifetime value and profitability. David Egbert, co-owner of The Carpet Company in Eugene, Oregon, is well aware of those advantages, and repeat customers represent a significant portion of the company's business. The Carpet Company's focused customer service philosophy is central to its success at building repeat business, and it relies on Comcast Business Class services to keep it on top of its game.

The Carpet Company sells to both residential and commercial customers, and in the commercial portion of its business, especially, it tends to deal repeatedly with many of the same general contractors. “We develop relationships with them over time, and they are really our most important source of repeat business because they are consistently undertaking new projects,” he explains. “We sell very high-quality and durable products, so we may only see what we call our 'Mrs. Jones' customer two or three times during her lifetime, but we interact with our general contractor customers on an ongoing basis.”

Aligned on customer service

When it comes to customer service, The Carpet Company expects to get as good as it gives, and that wasn't happening with its previous communications provider, so Egbert decided to look for a new one. He wanted an Internet, voice, and TV provider that could deliver on three key criteria-an easy-to-understand bill, quality customer service and competitive pricing-and he found what he was looking for in Comcast Business Class.

“With Comcast, the billing statements are all-inclusive,” he says, adding that bills from his previous provider were filled with miscellaneous charges and difficult to decipher. “Beyond the bill, we're pleased with the quality of service and how fast the Internet service is. Many of our activities have moved online, and the reliability is great. In fact, many of our bids are done electronically, so we welcome the speed.” The Carpet Company is also a fan of Comcast Business Class TV. It has numerous televisions throughout its showroom, many of which run loops of TV ads that The Carpet Company airs through its work with Comcast Spotlight advertising services.

Egbert gives high marks to the personal service his company has received from Comcast, noting that his Comcast sales representative made sure team members at The Carpet Company were educated about their new services, features and bill. That helped create a seamless transition from the previous provider. “They've done such a good job that we don't have to call often, and that's proof that Comcast is delivering on its promise,” he says. “We have a reputation for delivering on our commitments, serving our customers well and being competitive. These are the same reasons we picked Comcast to support our telecommunication needs.”

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