BYOD is a popular trend, and it’s not just for employees, as Kevin O’Donnell, manager of Philadelphia’s Tir Na Nog bar and grill, points out. Customers who frequent the pub on Arch Street are just as keen to use their own devices while partaking of a pint at the establishment, which Philly Style magazine rated as having the best happy hour and the best bartenders in the entire city. Tir Na Nog has responded by combining the welcoming warmth of an authentic Irish pub with advanced technology, and Comcast makes the second part of that equation easy, affordable, and reliable.

Most of Tir Na Nog’s midday customers are executives and staffers from the many corporate offices located near the pub. They’re looking for a lunchtime break in a friendly atmosphere, but in today’s business environment they also need to be constantly in touch with what’s going on. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops abound, and Tir Na Nog makes sure they get all the Internet connectivity they need thanks to an XFINITY WiFi Hotspot from Comcast. Patrons have full access to the Internet at no charge to them, O’Donnell says, and in most cases they only need to log in once from a particular device. After that, most devices remember the network for next time.

An easy, value-added solution

It’s a real value-add that helps Tir Na Nog stand apart from other local establishments and makes it more appealing to the daytime business crowd, and rolling it out could not have been easier. The WiFi connectivity is delivered over the pub’s Comcast Business Internet connection and required no new access facilities. Comcast provided the WiFi routers and handled the installation, and Tir Na Nog’s BYOD customers enjoy the results. Customer usage does not affect the speed of the pub’s Comcast Business Internet connection, either, which is part of its Triple Play package that also includes Comcast Business Voice and Comcast Business TV.

Tir Na Nog prides itself on the diversity of its clientele, which includes a large number of expatriates from Ireland and other countries where soccer and rugby are popular sports. To keep them all happy, the bar offers a vast assortment of sports programming through Comcast’s Public View TV sports package, including several European soccer and rugby leagues and the Gaelic games and Irish sports events backed by the Gaelic Athletic Association. Of course, it also airs the televised games of Philly’s home teams in baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. On busy nights, as many as 10 screens are tuned to different sporting events throughout the bar.

Comcast’s Triple Play provides an affordable solution for the technology capabilities Tir Na Nog wants, both to offer its customers and to run its own business, and managing its communication needs for voice, Internet, and TV couldn’t be simpler. “There’s just one contact point for all three services, and we liked the idea of having everything on one bill, with one trusted provider,” O’Donnell says. “We are an Irish bar that does things the Irish way, but we also need world-class TV, WiFi, Internet, and voice. We’re an Irish bar powered by Comcast Business.”


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