When you’re focused on serving your clients and growing your business, tasks like data backup can fall to the bottom of your priority list. But not protecting your business records, emails, and customer databases can put your business at risk. In a recent survey, Carbonite, one of the many cloud solutions available through the Comcast business Upware Marketplace, found that the average small business takes 16 days to recover or recreate their files after data loss, and that’s time--and money--you can’t spare.

Carbonite automatically protects your irreplaceable data in the background, looking for new and changed files whenever you’re connected to the Internet, ensuring that you can get back up and running quickly if disaster strikes.

Carbonite also offers:
Remote file access. Once your files are protected, you can access them from anywhere with the Carbonite mobile app or by signing into your account on any computer.
File syncing and sharing. Carbonite Sync & Share is a free app available to Carbonite customers that allows you to work across all of your devices--not just the one with the Carbonite subscription. Sharing files and collaborating with colleagues is simple, and all changes are automatically synced back to all of your devices.
Database and server backup. Whether you need to back up your Exchange Server, SQL databases or Sharepoint data, Carbonite has you covered. Carbonite’s server plans back up an unlimited number of servers and databases. Carbonite Server backup also backs up the Windows System State so a server can be restored in its entirety, with no need to reconfigure the operating system or reload applications.
Industry-leading speed. Carbonite’s server backup can back up a 500GB dataset in less than a day--more than two times faster than leading competitors.
Flexible plans for small businesses. Whether you need PC backup, server backup, or both, there’s a Carbonite plan for your business. All of Carbonite’s business plans include backup for an unlimited number of devices, so you don’t have to worry about your bill going up when you bring on new employees.
Big features for small budgets. With annual plans starting at less than $270 per year, there’s no excuse to leave your business data at risk!

Learn more about Carbonite at the Comcast Business Upware Marketplace