Hightail (formerly YouSendIt)--among the many cloud solutions available through the Comcast Business Upware Marketplace--is a simple, safe, and convenient content-sharing solution that works wherever you need to work. Collaborate effortlessly and securely with colleagues, clients, and contractors, and move your business forward.

Hightail helps you:
• Email large files without fear of bounce-back, or upload and share entire folders for effective online collaboration with anyone.
• Make your whole company more productive with a cost-effective teams plan that everyone will value.
• Digitally sign documents and return them right away--no printers, scanners, pen, or paper required.
• Benefit from world-class encryption that protects your sensitive data, while online storage provides back-up protection against local device or server crashes.
• Ease the burden on your email server caused by large email attachments clogging up the system.

Learn more about Hightail at the Comcast Business Upware Marketplace.