Entrepreneurship isn't conducive to balanced health, balanced relationships or, really, balanced anything. The rub is that the very vacation, break, or me-time you are postponing could give you the insight you need to move your business forward. We expect to be geniuses at business, but don't give ourselves time to recharge our brains.

I get it: My daily life has been raising my young family, writing and public speaking, and, most recently, leading my startup to acquisition. In the video belowInc. interviewed me about my top 3 ways of keeping myself together. Here's an explanation of what I said.

  1. Meditate: Perhaps you, like I once did, think of monk-filled temples or planning a trip to the mountains. I view it now as just taking a moment to be fully present in your life: No multitasking, no planning, and no distractions. I rarely get silence, so I will carve out a time daily to sit crosslegged, close my eyes, and breathe in and out. I just do it for a few minutes a day, usually every day. And, as my Buddhist friend A. Raymond Johnson once shared with me, even riding a bike or washing the dishes can be turned into a meditative activity. It is about stopping, fully taking in your life and enjoying it.
  2. Do One Selfish Thing: It is crucial to do something daily that has absolutely nothing to do with anyone or anything else. It means it won't grow your business, help your family or improve your money. If you can carve out time to juggle your business, your personal relationships and other commitments, you can make 10 minutes to do something fun just for you. For me, as a music fan, it might mean taking a random moment in the day to listen to John Coltrane uninterrupted. It is surprisingly refreshing.
  3. Have Downtime: As entrepreneurs, we often try to kill two birds with one stone by incorporating our research or work into our downtime: Reading a business book or watching a TED Talk on our business area. I argue that this isn't really downtime, but light work. To mean, downtime means doing something not related to your work at all: It may mean watching a viral video to see what the talk is about, going on a walk in your neighborhood or spending a few minutes catching up with an old friend. 

My final thoughts: It is less about you taking a day or two, because you often can't do that, but you taking a minute or two, and I found that can be equally valuable.