Video Transcript

00:10 Dave Kerpen: You know, if there's one thing I know about my fellow entrepreneurs, is that the bottom line matters. At the end of the day, driving revenue is what makes the biggest difference. And when you think about Pinterest, a lot of people think that it's just about wedding photos and women on there surfing, but the bottom line is, Pinterest is being used right now to drive real revenue through e-commerce.

00:33 Kerpen: So, here's my Pinterest profile. I'm gonna go to Add, and then click "Create a Board". Then I'm gonna create a board name. Let's say, for this example, "Likable Deals". Choose a category, and make sure you keep the board public. And then I'm gonna create the board, and then I'm gonna start posting pics. Make sure that your pics link directly to either Amazon or your website where people can buy your stuff.

01:09 Kerpen: Let's take a look at a couple of companies doing this right now. Etsy has created thousands of boards and has almost 200,000 followers. If I'm browsing on Pinterest as a consumer, I can see a board like "Gift Ideas," click on that, see this awesome Adele picture, because I know that my friend is really into Adele, and I can buy that right now. It's just a couple of clicks away from a purchase, and that's what makes Pinterest so compelling.

01:43 Kerpen: So, if you want to go right from social network to shopping cart and drive real revenue through e-commerce, check out Pinterest and start pinning pins and creating boards today.