Video Transcript

00:09 Daymond John: We always had a challenge taking FUBU to another level. So first of all, getting declined by 27 banks, my mother, good old mom again said to me, "Why don't you take out an ad in the paper for the money?" I said, "You know ma, that's the stupidest shit I've ever heard."

00:33 John: She said, "I'm gonna go put out an ad in the paper, no problem." I said, "Ma, the ad in the paper is like $1,000. Do not do it." Now, fellas, whenever you tell a woman in your life that you love, whether it's your daughter, your mother, your sister, whatever the case is, "Do not do something." Raise your hands, what do they do? They do it anyway, right? She did it. "Million dollars in orders need financing." That's what it said.

01:01 John: What happened? 33 people called back, 30 of the people were named Sal, Tony Two Time, Luigi, Papa Doc, Po-Po, Yo-Po, Weepy, but 3 real people called. One was Samsung, the textile division of Samsung...

01:24 John: They believed in us but we still had to prove ourselves even after a certain level of going into business, even stores, the bigger corporations would say, "Well, you got four black guys on a hang tag, we don't want shootouts in our stores." That's what they would say. What do we have to be when you see four African-Americans on the hang tag, but as I always say, sales cures all. And when those big stores didn't want to take our product, all those little specialty mom and pop stores, those guys are buying another house, another car, all for FUBU. And when the register was ringing like that, the big stores started saying, "Hold on, we're losing market share."

01:57 John: Our deal was to sell $5 million worth of clothes in three years. We sold $30 million in three months.