Alibaba's founder Jack Ma has the oratory skills of Steve Jobs and the stage presence of Richard Simmons.

Fifteen-years ago, the Chinese Internet pioneer founded the ecommerce juggernaut that's expected to this summer launch an initial public offering that could rival Facebook's 2012 $16 billion IPO. And though he stepped down as the day-to-day leader of the company last year, he's still the company's top inspirer-in-chief. And he's a real character.

From giving his blessing to hundreds of couples at a group wedding to donning a Mohawk wig and performing at a company celebration, the selfie-snapping Ma--who calls himself the company's "spiritual leader"--is anything but what you'd expect.

Not only has Ma likened himself to Steven Spielberg's beloved extraterrestrial ET, he once dressed up as the Terminator on stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The result? He's built a devoted fan base among employees and customers alike.

Here's a brief look at the many faces of the eccentric billionaire entrepreneur Jack Ma: