Video Transcript

00:13 Doug Ulman: There's two minutes on the clock. So, I guess that means we have time for one or two quick questions, if you have any. Yeah?

00:23 Audience Member: I'll try to speak loudly. My name is Barry. I was actually involved with Penn State's Dance Marathon which is...

00:30 Ulman: Huge.

00:30 Audience Member: The largest student-run philanthropy in the world that raises money for kids with cancer. So, what you do is very near and dear to my heart. My question is, what can you recommend for CEOs, owners of companies just like these, that can incorporate philanthropy into their organizations whether it's through Livestrong or others on a day to day basis and kind of make it part of their organization?

00:52 Ulman: That's a great question. I mean I think the key in my experience and what we've seen work really well is companies and organizations who really let their employees have a voice in that process, and literally bubble up. So, let the employees... Ask your employees, ask the people you work with everyday and spend so much time with, "What causes matter to you? What's important to you? What should we get involved in?" And let them sort of coalesce around those concepts and ideas. Top-down is great, and still has a significant impact, but I don't think it builds the morale and the culture internally that many people in this room and many entrepreneurs wanna build. I think last question because now it's running down.

01:30 Audience Member: My name is Trudy Madden and I've got a healthcare company that does clinical research across the US. We're in a neighboring city. We're in San Antonio. And we'd love to partner with you to get your message out. In addition, I think that a lot of people have this misconception that clinical trials are just for people with cancer. We do testing on Diabetes, high blood pressure, everyday problems that all of us encounter, and we're going to take advantage of the social media which we have not done as much as we would have liked to. So, I would love to contact you and see...

02:03 Ulman: It'll be great.

02:04 Audience Member: If we can work together on this.

02:06 Ulman: We would love that. There're so many misconceptions around clinical trials, but people with cancer are yearning to participate. We just have to make it easy for them to enroll and be a part of the study 'cause not only do they wanna help themselves, but they wanna help others who will be diagnosed in the future by participating in that type of research. So, we would love to. Thank you very much.

02:24 Ulman: Thank you again and enjoy the rest of the conference.