Video Transcript

00:10 Dries Buytaert: Just like Google has the 20% rule, we have a similar concept where people can work on personal projects. We do happy hours where we get together for a drink. Actually, we built a keg in our kitchen so people can have a beer after work or even at the end of the day at work. One of the cool things we did, actually, in I think it was 2007, we basically set a target, revenue target, for the company, which we felt very skeptical about that we could actually make it. But we put it out there as a target, and we said, "If you make this target, which by the way you'll never make, we'll fly the entire company to Puerto Rico, including all spouses." Basically, we hit the target because we were able to unleash that passion and we ended up flying 150 people to Puerto Rico for four days. So we do these little unusual things, I would say, to inspire people, to work towards our goal.