Video Transcript

00:10 Dries Buytaert: So one piece of advice for founders is to know your own limitations. I think one of the things I did right is I recognized my limitations and my lack of experience in running a company, especially a high-growth start-up. And so one of the first things I decided is that I wouldn't be the CEO, but that I would be the CTO, which is where my strength is. So I see a lot of founders that like to be the CEO, although they don't have the experience to and I don't think it's a shame at all to not be the CEO. So, just know what you're good at, know what you're not good at, and find people that complement you, and that's how you build a great team. It's never the effort of a single person. It's always the effort of multiple people. It's all about building the right team with the right expertise that can help you grow the business.