Each year, the prestigious LeWeb London conference gathers entrepreneurs, start-ups, and venture capitalists to talk about the most pressing issues in business. 

This year focused on the sharing economy and the quirks of launching a start-up within it. 

We checked out the panel "Spaces for New Communities" held on June 5 and rounded up the best business tips we heard. 

Take it Slow   

Audrey Buchanan, Summit's digital director, says she's realized running a business isn't just about numbers. 

"Our calling was to be the masters of the human experience and to curate offline experiences where a community was brought together," she said. "What once was this quest for 200,000,000 followers and being very effervescent on the web totally diverged. The community grew itself." 

Focus on People, Not Profits  

Sanders emphasized how relationships can offer perspective and "infuse humanity into technology." 

You should be asking, "How are people interacting with experts in the real world--what is that experience like, and what do people really like about it? How do we create that in the digital space?" 

Though most of all you should listen to customers. 

Buchanan also said to focus on others' goals, not yours, even when networking. 

"It's really kind of limiting to actually play in that very aggressive transactional mindset, where we're swapping business cards," she said. "If you're creating a space where people care about that, and they want to become friends first and build those solid relationships, the businesses that they build, the revenue that they drive, the impact that they drive in the world is going to be exponential."