Video Transcript

00:12 Eric Schurenberg: Steve Jobs is one of the few CEOs ever to challenge you as the most popular entrepreneur among Inc's readers and yet, Jobs did just about everything that you say a CEO shouldn't do. He was brusque with his employees. He interfered a lot with the creation of products. How could two so different entrepreneurs both succeed?

00:37 Richard Branson: It's very interesting. I mean Steve, I have an enormous admiration for... The whole world does, for what he achieved. But it was a very different approach. He was not a great delegator. He was very hands on, to the extent that every single little detail of an advert, he'd be second-guessing or... And somehow it worked. And, therefore I think "rules are also made to be broken" is another quite good rule. But personally, I think, that his approach for the vast majority of people running companies will not work. I mean he was brilliant himself at a whole variety of different things. He was not the best delegator and he was not the best motivator of people. If I was giving advice to people, I'd just say, look, "Be a good leader, treat people well, motivate them well, and don't try to second guess everything they do."