Instagram, the photo-sharing social network, had more daily user activity than Twitter for first time ever, according to the latest comScore data. 

All Things D reports that Instagram netted 7.3 million daily active users during August, while Twitter only had 6.86 million. ComScore collected the mobile data by combining the number of native app and web browser visits on iOS devices, BlackBerry OS devices, and Android OS devices. 

More good news for Instagram: The average Instagram user spent 257 minutes on the service, while the average Twitter user only spent 169.9 minutes. This is probably due to the fact that users spend more time viewing images than they do lines of text, the outlet reports.

The report also indicated that Instagram is better at garnering return visitors than Twitter. But Twitter is reportedly still growing fast, projecting $130 million in revenue next year.

The news comes as a rather major milestone for Instagram, which just two years ago, was a scrappy mobile app start-up. With numbers like this it's no wonder some speculate Instagram could give Facebook (which bought the photo app for $1 billion recently) the edge it needs against Twitter.