Watch out, Candy Land.

Online gaming company Zynga annouced today it will partner with Hasbro to launch board game versions later this month of Words With Friends, Draw Something, and FarmVile, Venture Beat reports. 

While Zynga's living room version of Draw Something and Words with Friends are unsurprisingly similar to Pictionary and Scrabble, its real world version of FarmVille takes is called Hungry Hungry Herd (you guessed it, similar to Milton Bradley's Hungry Hungry Hippos). 

"Our hope is to enhance relationships through play through our web and mobile social games and now, with the new Hasbro games, we can make those connections even stronger for our players," Barry Cottle, Zynga's executive vice president of corporate and business development, told Venture Beat. 

And it turns out, Temple Run, a mobile app game that has more than 70 million downloads, is also getting into the the, er, game. Today, the company announced its launch of a new living room version of Temple Run Danger Chase in a partnership with Spinmaster games.