Inside the Mind of a Top Angel Investor  click to view all 11 videos

Brian Cohen, Chairman of New York Angels, tells Inc.'s Scott Gerber everything entrepreneurs need to know about building a business that will impress investors.


Bill Bartmann: The Comeback Kid  13 videos

How do you succeed after failure? The founder and CEO of CFS2 Inc., a debt collection company based in Tulsa, tells Inc.'s Scott Gerber how it's done.

Without Their Permission: Alexis Ohanian Wants You to Adapt  11 videos

The reddit co-founder talks to Inc.'s Scott Gerber about the open internet, valuing your users, the importance of the reddit alien, and more.

Photo Finish: Success Lessons from a Marketplace Master  10 videos

Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer talks to Inc.'s Scott Gerber about the lessons he learned in creating a crowdsourced, subscription-driven marketplace.

Marc Ecko: Trump Makes Firing Look Easy, But It Isn't

This fashion mogul may have created a billion-dollar business, but he says that being the boss is about character and muscle, not style.

Marc Ecko: Mastering the Art of Authenticity  10 videos

Fashion designer Marc Ecko talks to Inc.'s Scott Gerber about his best advice for entrepreneurs, his lowest moment in business and his new book, Unlabel.

Warby Parker's Neil Blumenthal: A New Vision for E-Commerce  10 videos

Before Warby Parker, customers were suspicious of buying glasses online and big businesses dominated the industry. Co-founder Neil Blumenthal talks to Scott Gerber about overcoming these challenges and going viral.

9 Questions for Scott Belsky

What is your greatest strength as a leader? Scott Belsky, co-founder and head of the portfolio-showcase site Behance, says his is understanding his weaknesses benchmarks.

Behance's Scott Belsky: A Tech Startup Survival Guide  8 videos

The founder talks to Inc's Scott Gerber about how he built his creative marketplace Behance and found a balance between metrics, tech and the creative process.

Daymond John: Secrets From a Master Brand Builder  10 videos

Inc.'s Scott Gerber goes one-on-one with FUBU creator Daymond John on building an effective pitch, a killer brand and a profitable business.

John Paul DeJoria: How Growing Up Poor Made Me an Entrepreneur

The co-founder of Paul Mitchell on his hardscrabble childhood

John Paul DeJoria: "When We Started, No One Wanted Us"  9 videos

Raised in poverty, the co-founder of Paul Mitchell and Patron Spirits achieved a $4 billion net worth through sheer entrepreneurial guts. He tells his inspiring story to Inc.'s Scott Gerber.

9 Questions for Angie Hicks

Yes, she's the public face of Angie's List, the $156 million review site she founded in 1995, but Angie Hicks still struggles to overcome her shyness.

Angie Hicks on Customer Loyalty  11 videos

The founder of Angie's List talks to Scott Gerber about building a well-known reviews site from scratch.

Chef John Besh: Building a Restaurant Chain With Heart  8 videos

The Besh Restaurants owner talks cooking, strategy, and service with Eric Schurenberg.

Mario Batali on Growing a Business  8 videos

The celebrity chef talks branding, business, and building quality products with Scott Gerber.

Pandora's Tim Westergren: The Man Who Remade How You Hear Music  11 videos

The founder of the personal radio giant talks start-up strategy, innovation and disruption with Inc.'s Scott Gerber

10 Questions for Barbara Corcoran

The famed entrepreneur reveals the biggest business myth and what her personal theme song is.

Barbara Corcoran: Doing It Her Way, and Doing It First  13 videos

The real estate entrepreneur and reality TV star holds nothing back in an in-depth interview with Inc.'s Scott Gerber

12 Questions for Gary Vaynerchuk

We challenged Vaynerchuk--co-owner of wine retailer Wine Library, CEO of the social-media strategy firm VaynerMedia, and (he's set on it) future owner of the New York Jets--to speak freely. Not a problem.

Gary Vaynerchuk: The Hardest Working Man in Social Media  9 videos

Inc.'s Scott Gerber corners the wine and social media entrepreneur for a heart-to-heart talk about life, Twitter, and the most valuable thing in business.

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