From Marissa Mayer's controversial "no working from home" policy at Yahoo, to Sheryl Sandberg's call to "Lean In"--the leading women of the tech industry have found themselves at the center of a fierce debate over the role and capabilities of women in business.

Tuesday, Mayer upped the ante for Yahoo's new moms by increasing the company's paid maternity leave from eight to 16 weeks, according to NBC. What's more, new dads at Yahoo can also take up to eight weeks off under the new policy.

The Family and Medical Leave Act, which applies to approximately 60 percent of American workers, entitles employees to at least 12 weeks of unpaid time off to care for a newborn, adopted child, or ailing family member. A Census Bureau report found that as of 2011, barely half of all first-time mothers received paid time off from their employers to care for their infants.

Yahoo's policy is generous--but it doesn't beat other tech giants in Silicon Valley. 

Google and Facebook have already adjusted their maternity leave policies in the past year--Google, Mayer's former employer, told the New York Times in August that it reduced employee attrition by nearly 50 percent after increasing its paid time off for new mothers from three to five months. It also offers new fathers seven weeks of paid time off.

Facebook currently offers 4 months of paid leave to both mothers and fathers--plus an additional $4,000 in "baby money," a spokesman told Times blogger Ann Carrns in February. This policy applies to parents who adopt and same-sex couples, as well.