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Sean Parker Defends Himself in 10,000 Words, Twitter Explodes

The billionaire took to the Internet to try to set the record straight on his lavish wedding--and the Internet was all too pleased to skewer the attempt.

Sean Parker, president of Facebook, holds forth on start-up funding


Sean Parker, billionaire co-founder of Napster and former president of Facebook, experienced some fallout last month over the reported environmental repurcussions of his $10 million Tolkien-inspired wedding in a California redwood forest.

On Thursday, Parker took to the online publication Techcrunch to do some damage control against the bad press. More specifically, he published an almost-10,000 word self defense. It took approximately, oh, 10 seconds for the Internet to explode, thus worsening an already bad PR crisis. Critics took to Twitter to lampoon Parker and everything he did wrong in his attempt to set the record straight. Here are a few of the salient points.

For goodness sakes, keep it short.

too long

too long 2

too long 3

Don't curry pity (especially if you're a billionaire).

personal 3

personal 2


Be conscious of your platform.

tech crunch

tech crunch 2

Know when to shut your mouth.

shut up 2

shut up

Last updated: Jun 27, 2013

FRANCESCA FENZI reports on entrepreneurship, technology and small business news from San Francisco. Her work has previously appeared in TIME, USA Today, Pop City and The Northside Chronicle.

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