SynapDx seems to have taken the entrepreneurial call to "solve big problems" to heart; the health start-up has set about the daunting task of developing a blood test for autism.

SynapDx is not the first startup to create buzz in the health sector, but the company announced a hefty $15.4 million fundraising round led by Google Ventures and Foundation Medical Partners.

"The funding will support the continued advancement of SynapDx as a next generation diagnostics and informatics company focused on pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders," the company stated in a press release.

The health start-up currently combines advanced bioinformatics, genome sequencing and blood tests to analyze the blood of diagnosed autism patients--and hopefully develop a test that will clue parents into their child's condition at an earlier age.

The average age of diagnosis is currently around four-and-a-half years, but parents often become worried about their child's development around 18 months, TechCrunch reports.

Theresa Tribble, SynapDx's vice president of commercial strategy, told TechCrunch that the test will be more of a "risk assessment" than a "bulletproof blood test" for autism.

“The goal is to help pediatricians identify children who should be referred for a full clinical evaluation earlier than they do today," she said.

SynapDx also announced the appointment of Google's Andrew Conrad, who has previously been involved with the awareness organization Autism Speaks, to the company's board of directors.