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You'll Never Guess the Top 20 Cities for Venture Capital Activity

It's not always about Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley. Here are 20 of the most capital-dense start-up communities in the country, according to new research.


These days, it seems like start-up hubs are everywhere.

Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley capture a lot of attention, but cities including Detroit, Michigan; Las Vegas, Nevada and Omaha, Nebraska each boast booming entrepreneurial communities of their own. Heck, even Canada is in the running for next start-up frontier.

However, some off-the-Silicon-path communities are better for entrepreneurs than others, according to Brad Feld, Managing Director of the Foundry Group and author of Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City.

Feld wrote about the importance of "entrepreneurial density"--or the ratio of start-up founders and those they employ to the general population of a city--in his book, and emphasized the belief that access to easy capital is what makes or breaks a start-up community on his blog.

Richard Florida, a senior editor at The Atlantic, latched onto Feld's idea of mapping capital-rich start-up centers in a series of articles published this month. Here are 20 of the most capital-dense start-up communities in the country, according to his research.

20 metro areas

Last updated: Jul 15, 2013

FRANCESCA FENZI reports on entrepreneurship, technology and small business news from San Francisco. Her work has previously appeared in TIME, USA Today, Pop City and The Northside Chronicle.

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