Inc. Franchise creates custom editorial exploring broad trends and specific concepts in franchising. The target reader for Inc. Franchise is someone who is considering investing in a franchise. Editorial content is designed to accomplish two primary functions. First, it introduces readers to the franchise concepts of that month's marketing partners and describes each concept's particular appeal to potential franchisees. Second, the content discusses a current trend, broad segment or other topic of interest to franchising as a whole.

In-depth interviews with franchise businesses and business intelligence from trusted industry resources inform articles that highlight innovative, successful and proven concepts and show how each fits into wider business and economic trends. Inc. Franchise attracts readers with compelling content, providing marketing partners with a powerful platform for communicating their messages to target audiences.

November 2015

Rainbow of Concepts Keeps Franchising Interesting

From ATMs and accounting and tax services to weight control and wildlife management control, the International Franchising Association (IFA) categorizes franchise businesses in nearly 100 different segments. With such a variety of concepts, the industry seems likely to provide a suitable opportunity for almost any candidate for a franchise investment.

October 2015

September 2015

Franchise Firsts: Concepts That Bring Innovation to Franchising

If you could travel back in time to visit a franchised business of 50 years ago, you would see many similarities to today's franchises. For instance, standard signage, menus, employee uniforms, and operating procedures were as common for franchisees then as they are today. But franchising has nonetheless changed enormously and has seen countless firsts and innovations over the years, decades, and centuries it has existed.

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