Video Transcript

00:12 Gary Vaynerchuk: There's a big discussion right now of how much do you wanna pay for in social networks versus organic and so here's my take on it. For the first time ever we live in a marketing world where you should spend money after the fact not before the fact. For the last 100 years, you needed to pay the newspaper to place an ad and if the ad sucked, you lost. Same with radio, same with television, same with banner ads, same with email marketing, same with everything.

00:35 Vaynerchuk: For the first time ever, we now have social networks where you can put out a piece of content, people organically might ... You might have hit something, something, somewhat viral and then you can pay to amplify it even more. Pre-planned spending in social, not as much, unless you're trying to build up your top line followers. Putting out content and then getting more likes and shares than normal and then boosting that post, I'm very into.