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00:09 Gary Vaynerchuk: I was not teched out. I didn't grow up with it but what I'm obsessed with, what I'm about to talk to you about for the rest of this evening is Culture Shifts. What people actually do and how it affects it. I'm about to talk to you about social media but I'm not a social media guy that's like, "Oh let's all be Kumbaya and rock climb and we're gonna drink tea and everybody is so happy". I don't care. Why I like social media? Ready? Headline? Ready? Here's why I like social media. Because it sells shit.

00:42 Vaynerchuk: So, I was hanging out with some nerd friends in college and they're like, "Check this out. There's this thing, the internet, and we can talk to chicks on this." So that we heard the whole co-cooch. That thing. Right? And they went on and they're like, "Look. We're talking to chicks." And literally, within the first 20 seconds I'm like, "I can self stuff on this." And so, I understood that this was going to be a platform that mattered. In 1996-1997, I started plotting a change for my family business. My dad's store was called Shopper's Discount Liquors. I wanted to build the brand. So, I launched in 1997.

01:22 Vaynerchuk: In 1998 I took over daily operations and I grew that business from a three to $60 million business in a seven year period. Now, I did that fairly traditionally. I did that through email and banner ads, which is traditional to me by the way. I did it through print and radio and it was great. I was very fortunate because I sat next to my lead developer in our office and he was very teched out. His name was Eric Kastner. If you're on Twitter, @kastner. K-A-S-T-N-E-R. Hit him up. Tell him give him some love.

01:57 Vaynerchuk: Anyway, he was showing me a different web. It was 'O4. It was '03, '04, '05 and I was like, "What is this stuff? What's this Friendster? What's this MySpace?" We were on YouTube extremely early. I'm like this is changing. See, what I know is this. Marketing for the last 150 years has been push. Every person in this room, a decade ago had to do all push marketing to sit in your seat. Whether it was radio or print, email services, banner ads, outdoor media, direct mail, TV, push. For the last 150 years, if you wanted to be good in business and marketing is such a component of that, you basically had to be a quarter back. You threw the ball and whoever told their story best in the right platform, won. 100 years ago people stood around the box. The radio, they're like, "Alright." They liked it. Then they watched TV but it was always push. Even when the internet itself came, it was push. Banner ads and email services are push. We're living through the first time ever when it's pull. First time. In the first time in our history, customers actually have some assemblance of voice and reaction, and the culture shifts we're living through are substantial. Culture Shifts.

03:13 Vaynerchuk: All of you got a long day? You're about to go eat dinner and drink some wine and do some stuff and whatever. I really need you guys to do me a favor. Please don't bullshit me. Lying is the devil. I need you to raise your hand high when I ask this question. I have no interest in your bullshit head nod or your half ass hand. I need your full hand. Can you promise that?

03:32 Vaynerchuk: Okay. How many people here, three to five years ago probably, maybe more likely two, whether you said it in public or to yourself, said the following thing, "I'm not getting a Facebook account. It's for kids. Why would I ever need one?" Don't fucking lie. Raise your hands.

03:53 Vaynerchuk: It's a substantial number. Thank you very much. Put them down. How many of you right now have a Facebook account? Raise your hands. Guys, what just happened is the reason that I am gonna buy the New York Jets one day.

04:09 Vaynerchuk: My skill set and my belief is that I got lucky DNA wise to understand what people say they're not going to do but are gonna do. Three years ago, at South by Southwest, Dennis Crowley showed me Foursquare. He's like, "Check this out. Everybody is talking about it." It's one of the first hundreds and so users hanging out, talking about it. Somebody asked me, "Gary, you didn't use Foursquare." I said, "No, I don't use anything. I just use it for business but I think people will use it because no, that's so stupid. Why would I check in to Foursquare when I can just tweet on somewhere. This is not gonna work." I said, " Billy, so Billy, let me ask you a question. Tonight when we go to a bar, if you check in and that bar then gives you a free shot of Jack Daniels, what are you gonna do?" He said, "I'm gonna fucking check in."

04:54 Vaynerchuk: And I said, "Exactly." We like to draw lines in the sand. 90% of this audience just now, which, oh by the way, and you might even wanna clap it up for yourselves. You guys are pretty bad ass. So clap yourselves up. It'll be fun.

05:12 Vaynerchuk: But, you guys are so fucking smart and 90% of you said, "I'm not gonna do this." And now, you did it and that to me is fascinating. Let's go really raw. Who wants to go raw? How many people here 10 years ago, said they would never get a cellphone because why would they want anybody to contact them any time they want. Don't why it's gonna hurt, you're not gonna wanna raise your hand but raise it. Thank you for the honest 40 of you. How many of you do not have a cellphone of those people? Raise your hand. Zero.

05:43 Vaynerchuk: This is happening everyday and marketing is being shifted. Eyeballs are shifting. The way we build our businesses are shifting. Yet we continue to do things like it's 2007, six, four, two, one. I'm not mad at the way we market our businesses in traditional ways. I'm really not. But what we have to understand is that it's shifting.

06:06 Vaynerchuk: Let's talk about outdoor media for one second. How many people here do outdoor media just for context? Raise your hand. You guys are smart fucking bunch. Alright. That being said, I do. If you live in New Jersey you might have driven the turnpike and seen a huge billboard of me with a glass of wine. I like outdoor media, it makes you see grant. But when I see companies spending money on outdoor media, I have a problem. And here is what it is, do me a favor, if you remember one thing from this talk, when you're next home, the next time you're home, whether that's today or you fly back and you drive home. The next time you drive, please look at the five people, at least five people driving next to you. While you're driving, just take a good hard look at five people. I'm gonna tell you right now, three of them are texting. Oprah is right, this shit is dangerous, three of them. So let me just say it for the record, for all the people at home running businesses, people are not looking at billboards and outdoor media, they're not even looking at the fucking road.

07:13 Vaynerchuk: How many people here can't wait to run and get their direct mail. Who's up for that, " Oo-oh, direct mail, who's pumped." I love it when I'm like in these meetings, the people are like, "We're still doing direct mail, we're a little bit more of a conservative company, Gary." I get it, "Do you look at direct mail?" "Fuck no, ass hole."

07:32 Vaynerchuk: How many people here have a TiVo or DVR? Raise your hands. How many people here, TiVo or DVR the majority of the shows they watch on television? How many people here, of those people in 2011 have fast forwarded every single commercial for the year? Raise your hands. Pull them up. You know what, fucking stand up. Please do me a favor. Please, I know you're tired but this would mean so much to me. Please stand up, if you fast forwarded every single commercial in 2011. Look around. Are you fucking kidding me? And prices are up 18% for commercials people aren't watching them. Thank you guys so much. That meant a lot. And exercise is good, a little blood flow. How many people watch television with at least one screen in front of them, laptop, phone or iPad? Raise your hand. How many people watch television with two screens, phone and iPad? How many people in this room watch television with three, phone, iPad and laptop? Raise your hands. Alright. The 60 of you are sick of shit.

08:48 Vaynerchuk: Yet, yet every piece of creative on television right now, commercial, does not extend the story, does not push the content online. You don't watch a commercial, where it tells you to go to Facebook, hit the light button and see the rest and claim your prize. Reebok Hockey did a good job. I don't know if anybody saw this, look it up, Sidney Crosby was playing as teammate, it was to five, they got the three, and it says, "Do you wanna see how it finished? Go to Facebook." I click over, and in 20 minutes, 20 minutes they picked up 62,000 fans 'cause people watched. And they're sitting right there, ready to be activated. The business world my friends in 2011 is acting like 2007 and that is where it is our opportunity.