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No Time to Read? Use Twitter to Keep Up With Industry News

Gary Vaynerchuk explains that staying on top of current events and innovator news doesn't have to be a full-time job.

Video Transcript

00:10 Gary Vaynerchuck: So I never have time and people are always like, "How do you stay on top of everything?" So obviously I'm in the business now, but when I was in the wine business and trying to stay on top of social or tech or innovation, it comes down to a couple of simple plans. First of all, you are on a mobile device, you have the ability to follow... Listen, whether it's Inc itself, whether it's, TechCrunch or Techmeme, I'm a big fan of Techmeme, Tech M-E-M-E. It's a site that aggregates a lot of news whether it's following 15... Here's a real reason to follow Twitter, follow 15 to 20 tech taste-makers who are always tweeting out links or information to the newest thing.

00:46 Vaynerchuk: It's about doing... It's really ironic, I did zero, double zero... Robert Parish for all you Celtic fans. I did double zero homework in high school. Never did it. I've never really talked about this. This is a true statement. I, Gary Vaynerchuck, never did homework once in my entire high school career. Zero. Never did a piece of homework. I do homework everyday now, I do homework everyday. An hour or two reading these sites, these taste-makers, to make sure I'm not missing anything. And so even facts like what's a good workout, a 60-second workout, there's three or four sites. Read the headlines, it'll at least keep you in the game.

Last updated: Dec 12, 2013