Video Transcript

00:09 Gary Vaynerchuk: What I'm obsessed with, what I'm about to talk to you about for the rest of this evening is culture shifts. What I know is this, marketing for the last 150 years has been push. We're living through the first time ever when it's pull. I'm about to talk to you about social media, but I'm not a social media guy that's like, "Oh, let's all be Kumbaya and rock climb, and we're gonna drink tea, and everybody's so happy." I don't care. Why I like social media? Ready? Headline? Ready? Here's why I like social media, because it sells shit.

00:42 Vaynerchuk: How many people here have gotten some form of business because of word of mouth? Raise your hand. All of you. Period. Word of mouth is the currency and now we have infrastructure for word of mouth to be on steroids. Social is not going to excite anybody in this room for what it's going to do to your bottom line in a six month or twelve month period, it just can't happen. See, social media marketing is like going Beyonce on your customers, you've gotta put a fucking ring on it.

01:13 Vaynerchuk: Customer places an order from Chicago, and we find who he is on Twitter. And then, we follow him in the month of January, and here's what we saw. Jay Cutler, I love you; Yeah, we won today, next stop Super Bowl; Today's the big game; Crap, we lost, but I still love you Jay Cutler. Okay?

01:36 Vaynerchuk: We took that data. So, the data that I have in a normal 1995 world was, he likes Barolo and Brunello. The information I have today is what hits him in the emotional center. What he's willing to put out to the world and what paints a picture about who he is. So, I called Christine after she sent me this data. I said, "Christine, here's what I want you to do. I want you to go to eBay and I want you to buy a Jay Cutler signed jersey and send it to him with a note saying, 'Thank you for your first order with'" In the 1930s and '40s, when you went to your butcher's store, the second you opened that door, that man was cutting your roast beef 'cause he knew things about you. You lived in a small town where we literally left our laundry outside, we left our front doors open, we knew a lot about each other. We are now replicating that. When people always talk to me and say, "But how do you scale this?" I say, "You take all the money you're spending on dumb shit and you put it into humans." Thank you.