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4 Great Motivational Videos for 2012

Need a little boost to get the year off to a strong start? Watch these short clips & you'll feel like taking on the world.

In my role as the "mouthpiece" of the sales profession, I end up talking with a lot of successful salespeople. All of them are highly motivated, and many of them depend upon motivational books, audios and videos to keep them that way.

Of the three forms of communication, I believe that videos are the most effective, because the combination of sight and sound doubles the intensity. That's why the "tool kit" of everyone who must sell for a living should include some motivational videos.

With that in mind, here are four videos that, in my view, teach crucial lessons about motivation in a sales context. They're a perfect way to start out a new year.

Why Words Matter

It's not the just content of the message that you're communicating to your customers: It's the way that message is expressed.

Not Such a Lost Generation

Your internal dialog determines how you view the world.  Change that dialog and you change yourself.

Out of the Mouths of Toddlers...

Laugh all you want, but what you say to yourself first thing in the morning truly sets the tone for your entire day.

What Really Motivates Us

This one is more thoughtful (and longer) than the others, but it very cleverly discusses the source of your motivation--so that you better understand why you're successful (or why you're not as successful as you might want to be).


Last updated: Jan 5, 2012


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