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5 Most Inspirational Videos of 2012

These five short videos will remind you what's important in life and work.


This has been a difficult few days for everybody, especially for those of us who have children in primary school.
I had already selected the following five clips as the most inspirational and motivational videos of the year.
I think they are testament to the fact that the human spirit is greater than tragedy and to remind us that the reason we all work so hard is because we want to make a difference in the world.

5. Never, Ever Give Up

Proof--if any were needed--that determination and courage can really pay off, both in your life and your business.

4. Motivating Video for Success

While the title is a little "plain wrap" the quotes and clips provide lessons from some of the most successful people on earth.

3. Malaki Paul Sings "Listen"

What can I say? Like millions of other people in this world, I'm moved by children whose spirits shine so brightly.

2. Neil Gaiman Commencement Speech

This one's a bit long but full of useful wisdom from one of the world's greatest living authors.

1. Sole to Soul: Helping Kenya's Kids

As somebody who has personally seen the poverty in East Africa, I know that these three girls are making a big difference.

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Last updated: Dec 17, 2012

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