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How to Break Up With Mark Zuckerberg

Maybe you should starting thinking of Facebook as a relationship that's gone sour.

At first, Mark (and his Facebook app) seemed like the perfect guy.  He "shared" regularly, "checked in" often, kept you "fed" with the latest news, and paid attention to what you "liked."

But before you knew it, Mark began to change. He disregarded your privacy, started keeping tabs on everything you did, and even provided intimate details about you to complete strangers!

Unfortunately, although you'd probably like to change your relationship status and totally break up with Mark, the truth is that "it's complicated."

What to do? How can you log out of Facebook and log into a healthier relationship?

According to Emma Fuller, an expert on both social media and personal relationships, the key is to follow these three steps:

1. Don't wait by the phone.

Turn off mobile notifications so that Mark doesn't message you throughout the day.  Browse and post on Facebook only when it's convenient for you.

2. Take a break for a week.

When you're ready, deactivate your Facebook account for one week to see how it goes.  Mark, of course, is always willing to take you back.

3. Get a better boyfriend.

Start "dating" some other social media sites. Emma recommends (she works for them) as a great alternative because "chatters can communicate just like they do on Facebook without giving away control of their posts, photos, and friend network."

Fair enough, but I'd have to add that if you're all about the long-term relationship, you might take another look at your old standby LinkedIn.  Hey, he may be dull but he's reliable.

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Last updated: Jul 1, 2014


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