This Year's 5 Best Inspirational Videos

Need a little boost? These five short videos will remind you what's important in life and work as you head into the New Year.

At the end of each year, I like to share the best inspirational videos from that year, the videos that not only caught my eye and informed my mind, but tugged at my heart, too.

5. Dream

Takeaway: In order to achieve great things, you must first believe in yourself.

4. Remember

Takeaway: Being human is more amazing than all the technology in the world.

3. Roar

Takeaway: The bravery of the human soul is limitless.

2. Returning

Takeaway: Never forget what's really important.

1. The Chain

Takeaway: You never know the full effect of helping someone else.

Hey, everybody, let's make 2014 the best year ever, okay?

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IMAGE: socialeurope/Flickr
Last updated: Dec 30, 2013


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