Some of you have noticed I've been pushing my new book, "Business Without The Bullsh*t: 19 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know." Since that might have seemed a little, well, pushy, I owe you an explanation.

Most business books are thinly-veiled advertisements for the author's consulting practice or training firm. Not my book. Far from it.  If I had a consulting business, publishing this book would be more like committing career suicide.

I like to think that this book is subversive and dangerous to the powers-that-be (especially inside huge companies), so getting it in print would be nothing less than permanently burning the bridges to my corporate customers.

No company is going to hire me to give a speech to their employees on  "How to Negotiate a Raise" (Secret 5) or "How To Spot a Workplace Lie" (Secret 45) or "What To Do If You Hate Your Job." (Secret 36).  And I won't be landing any lucrative consulting gigs from a book that explains in seven short chapters (26 pages) everything bosses actually need to know to be effective.

So why am I publishing this book, especially at a time when few books bring much of a financial pay-off?


A few years ago, I came to crossroads in my life.  I decided that there wasn't any point to writing for a living unless I can make a huge positive difference in the lives of real people, rather than (as is the case with so many business writers) fawning over the .01 percent.

So I set out to write "Business Without The Bullsh*t and fill it with the most useful tricks and techniques that I've learned through decades of personal experience and through interviewing hundreds of successful, happy people. No case studies, no fluffy theories, just the 49 most important, generally unknown shortcuts for surviving and conquering the corporate world. Nearly 250 readers like yourself reviewed and extensively commented on the draft chapters, adding a wealth of real-life, practical, feet-on-the-floor wisdom.

I know I would have killed (figuratively speaking) to have a book like this back when I started out my career. I probably would have found my dream job decades earlier and gotten paid more to do it, too.

However, if I were to tell the most important secret that I've learned, it would be one that I learned by writing it: Sometimes you must risk everything (including, ahem, taking out a second mortgage on your house) to do the right thing.

And cutting as much bullsh*t out of business as possible is the right thing to do.

Order "Business Without the Bullsh*t" before May 13 and get an exclusive bonus chapter and a signed bookplate.