Just to be clear, I'm not talking about anything overtly sexual. While there are plenty of cases in the business world where sex or prostitution has played a role in closing a deal, that's behavior that is clearly beyond the pale.

What I'm talking about is being naked in the same room as a customer.

For example, I used to work at facility that had an in-house gym. Like most gyms, it had a locker room, which meant that if you wanted to work out, you had to get naked in front of your coworkers and (if they were visiting) your customers, too.

In my opinion, that's WAY more information than I want to know, but maybe I'm just being squeamish.

In some places--like Finland and Japan, for instance--apparently getting naked with customers is considered normal business etiquette.

I'm wondering what YOU think. How comfortable would you feel getting naked with a customer? And have you ever been in this situation?

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