Luck is no friend of mine. I am the CEO of CellAntenna, a multi-million dollar, multi-national telecommunication solutions company, and I am proof that you don't have to be lucky to be successful. As a new blogger for's Global Business Resource Center, I have been asked to provide advice to entrepreneurs who are doing business in the global market, and to those who may be wondering how to venture into this space. My advice may be considered untraditional; I don't claim to have the "secret to success" as if there is some mystical mantra that you can chant to somehow make luck go your way. My message is simple -- luck has nothing to do with success. And, given our current economic condition, this message is more relevant than ever.

First, a little background about me: I started CellAntenna Corporation in 2002 out of Coral Springs, Florida, and over the course of the last five years, I have opened offices in Kings Langley, England, and Lodz, Poland. CellAntenna Corporation sells American made products and USA engineering services all around the world. I am currently working on establishing new offices in Argentina, Colombia, and Chile. I pride myself on helping to reduce the trade deficit and I am a supporter of free trade, especially in areas such as Colombia. My passport, I joke, has to be thicker than James Bond's!

I have always considered myself an entrepreneur. After graduating with an engineering degree from McGill University, I immediately opened my own construction company. Along the way, I have constantly reinvented myself, adapting to the changing economic conditions and the current business climate. At one time, I was an impresario bringing in shows to a small 1,100 seat theater. I was involved in senior residences, computer consulting, and the restaurant business. I just published my first book entitled The Science of Opportunity, proclaiming that luck has nothing to do with success. I provide a common sense approach to recognizing opportunities and putting them to work for you.

I practice what I preach, as I advise in my book. I am a patient person, and someone who doesn't go quickly into a bad deal, but instead who takes time to go slowly into a good one. I never look back to complain about what could have been or should have been. I instead look forward to what may be possible; my radar is always on and seeking opportunities that will help me improve.

I believe that success cannot be mathematically modeled, nor can it be simulated in a computer program. It is a measurement that you can only develop through common sense, and of course, the way you tackle opportunities. Why then, do so many people who are looking to improve their economic condition resort to what I call "snake-oil-style sales approach," where everybody tries to sell you on their own particular method of success? The book The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne, tells you to think hard about what you want in life and it will appear. Think as hard as you want, but unless you are willing to grab the opportunity and explore it, you will have nothing but your own thoughts and you will miss your chance at success. The magic here is nothing more than learning how to recognize an opportunity and then knowing how to explore it. That's my secret. Now it's yours.

Through my postings on this blog, I hope that you will get a feel for how to seek out an opportunity and how to explore that which can lead you to being a successful entrepreneur. I have a lot to talk about. Next time I will explore how I started doing business in Western and Eastern Europe, and in another post, I plan to discuss the common downfalls entrepreneurs face after they have reached a critical point in their business. Of course, you can e-mail me at, or post a comment here, and I will answer what I can in order to help you with your opportunities and experiences. I am quite certain that you will benefit from my out-of-the-box thinking and hopefully you will find it relevant to your own business endeavors.

I am looking forward to talking to you through my column and sharing the opportunities that it may provide for both of us.