Chip Paucek took his online-education tech company 2U from startup phase to a $100 million IPO in just six years. 

At Inc.'s Founders Forum, Paucek sat down with Scott Gerber to share some of the lessons he learned in the process of leading a high-growth company. Here are three:


It's obvious, but Paucek attributes his company's eventual IPO to having a relentless focus. "It's the one thing that I would say most strongly to your entrepreneurs. It is so much more important than anyone gives it credit for."

Hire Up.

Some people worry about bringing on employees with advanced skillsets. Entrepreneurs shouldn't. "You better have people around you to make up for your deficiencies. People who could do your job better than you. Hire up at every single moment you can."

Innovate, Don't Change.

You may have multiple business units and be eager to expand, but improving within those verticals is more important than growth. "Make sure that within those business units you are constantly innovating. Fundamentally don't change the business model, but continue to make it better and better."

For more tips, watch the rest of the video below.


How Smarter Technology Can Improve Your Business

2U CEO Chip Paucek talks to Inc.'s Scott Gerber about how you can create bigger opportunities, sculpt a better company culture, and make your business more successful.