Economist and best-selling author Noreena Hertz is what you might call an expert decision maker. 

In addition to working as a consultant to CEOs and business leaders, she also advises prime ministers and other politicians on how to make smarter decisions. 

While researching her latest book, "Eyes Wide Open," Hertz discovered an important lesson about decision making: carving out time to think is a crucial practice for entrepreneurs, politicians, and others faced with high-stakes choices.

"It's something that's so hard nowadays. We're bombarded with information, data, and distractions [such as] emails, texts, and tweets," she says. "If we have to make strategic choices, if we have to innovate, we need that thinking time."

Of all the professionals Hertz interviewed for her book, the most successful individuals--from ER doctors to hedge fund managers--all followed this principle.

"I realized that these people actually were carving out time to think," she says. "The best ones were saying to me 'We consciously take a pause and take a beat.'"

To hear more about how to make better decisions, watch the video below.


Noreena Hertz: The Science of Making Smarter Decisions

The author of Eyes Wide Open talks to Inc.'s Allison Fass about what entrepreneurs can do to make good choices under pressure and conquer indecision.