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See Belly's Expletive-Filled Company Values the NYT Didn't Publish

What can the "F" word do for your business?

Logan LaHive, chief executive officer of customer rewards company Belly, hates it when workers don't take employee guidelines to heart, which is why he wrote Belly's company values in a way that no one would ever forget: by filling them with the "F" word.

LaHive recently sat down with The New York Times to talk about Belly's corporate culture, at least the aspects of it that don't require censorship.

"We do have employee guidelines that put we put on the wall and they would have to be highly censored to be made public," he said. 

So what are Belly's stated values that the Times didn't publish?

The origin of the company values is a design website called, which Belly's team discovered last year and used as inspiration for the employee guidelines. 

"There's some level of shock with it and it's certainly been off-putting to a number of people that have come into the office and people who were applying for jobs," LaHive said.

So what does Belly look for in its employees?

"We're looking for people who take the work very seriously but not necessarily themselves. And we don't do it just to be controversial," LaHive said. "It's just about who we are, and that either resonates with you or it doesn't."

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Last updated: Aug 8, 2014


Graham Winfrey is a staff writer for He previously covered alternative investments at Private Equity International magazine, prior to which he worked at Business Insider and He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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