Garth Saloner, dean of Stanford's Graduate School of Business, is the first to admit that fostering creativity has not always been the strong suit of business schools. The same could probably be said for most businesses.

How do you change that?

One of the ways Stanford is training students to be more creative is by bringing them together at its design school to think about how to solve existing problems in new ways. 

"The kinds of tools that they're given are: how do you brainstorm ideas, how do you do rapid prototyping, what's involved in customer empathy, how do you figure out what your customers really want?" Saloner says.

"We're finding to our delight that when our students go [to the design school] they're able to exercise their creative side and sometimes discover it for the first time, and I think that as large companies want to increase the amount of innovation that they're doing, embracing some of these ideas around design thinking are going to be very fruitful."

To hear more about how Stanford is fostering creativity, watch the video below. 


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