Legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser will be the first to admit when he doesn't know what he's doing. 

Though he's widely considered a master of design, famous for the "I Love New York" and Brooklyn Brewery logos, Glaser insists that to this day, a lot of his work entails experimenting and taking risks in areas that fall outside of his expertise.

During a conversation with Inc. creative director Blake Taylor, Glaser explained why he embraces the idea of potentially failing during every job he does.

"I’ve done a lot of lousy work and I’ve done a lot of work where I didn’t know what I was doing, but that’s the only way to get there," he says.

"You have to take a leap in the dark where you don’t know the consequences. If you always know the answer before you start, you aren’t going go to go anywhere, so that's one of the issues of creative work in general."

To hear more about embracing risk in creative work, watch the video below.


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