Music streaming service Spotify tore up social media last week, according to data collected for Inc. by social intelligence company Synthesio.

Synthesio measures the number of times 25 of the top tech CEOs and startups are mentioned on Twitter and other social networks, as well as in blogs and news site comments. For the week of August 3 through 9, Spotify generated a total of 44,305 mentions last week, thanks in part to the official release of Nicki Manaj's controversial new single, "Anaconda," which she made available only through Spotify and iTunes on Monday, August 4.

Action camera company GoPro also captured a lot of the action on social media last week, generating more than 4,000 mentions each day. The company has been making headlines recently surrounding the release of its latest camera, the GoPro Hero 4, which will reportedly hit shelves in October.

The largest single-day spike in mentions among the 25 startups tracked by Synthesio went to San Francisco-based ride-sharing startup Lyft, which saw its mentions more than triple to 4,717 after news broke Wednesday that the company would allow carpooling via a new feature called Lyft Line.

Among tech titans in the news last week, Elon Musk got people buzzing the most with nearly 12,000 mentions after tweeting about artificial intelligence. In a tweet on Saturday, August 2, Musk wrote, "We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes."

Below is a chart showing the top five startups by social media mentions last week.