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Steve Case on How to Get Your Startup Noticed

AOL's co-founder talks to Inc. about building the network that will drive any startup's growth.

As the co-founder of AOL and CEO of venture capital firm Revolution, Steve Case knows as thing or two about scaling up businesses.

One of the main differences between growing beyond the startup phase today versus more than 20 years ago, when AOL was still being born, Case says, is the massive competition for attention.

"Because it's easier and cheaper to start companies [now], a lot of people do, and as a result, in any segment you’re looking at it’s hyper competitive, and so the battle is to get noticed, to break through the clutter," he says.

Establishing a network that will make your startup succeed, according to Case, comes down to who your investors are, who your strategic partners are, and which influential people use your product. And how you tell your company's story to the media is also crucial for speeding up growth.

"All these different things are required to break through the clutter and take that idea, that product, and really build it to scale."

To hear more about building a network around your startup, watch the video below.


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Graham Winfrey is a staff writer for He previously covered alternative investments at Private Equity International magazine, prior to which he worked at Business Insider and He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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