As the co-founder of AOL, Steve Case was front and center throughout the early days of the Internet revolution. 

Today, part of Case's job as CEO of venture capital firm Revolution is to identify and invest in the next wave of entrepreneurs trying to change the world, and his timing couldn't be better.

"The second Internet revolution, which is just now beginning, is not just creating more Internet companies, it's using the Internet to attack other aspects of our lives, other industries that need to be disrupted," Case says. 

For example, sectors such as education and health care haven't changed much in 50 years, according to Case, but are poised to change dramatically in the near future thanks to the Web. 

"Despite the first Internet revolution revolutionizing media and communications and industries like that, it hasn't really yet revolutionized health care and education and some of these other sectors, so that's where we're particularly focused, looking for entrepreneurs trying to tackle these big industries."

So what can business owners in these sectors expect from the next Internet revolution?

"The government is going to be more important," Case says. "The government buys more healthcare services and more educational services than anybody else, so if you're going to be an entrepreneur that wants to attack one of those big sectors, you’re going to have to understand how policy is made--both at the federal level and at the state level--and figure out ways to bring your products and services to market that reflect the interests, desires, and constraints of your principal customer."

To hear more about the second Internet revolution, watch the video below.  


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