The principle of net neutrality dictates that all data passing over the Internet be treated equivalently, but the state you live in plays a significant role in the speed of your your internet service. 

Alaska, for example, has the slowest service in the U.S. with an average maximum achievable bandwidth of 7.0 megabits per second, while Virginia has the fastest, with 13.7 Mbps. Believe it or not, the reason for the difference has to do with the quality of the wires that transmit the information.

The infographic below from Broadview Networks shows which states are leading in average Internet speeds and which are lagging.

The States With the Fastest Internet Service
State Average Mbps
Virginia 13.7
Delaware 13.1
Massachusetts 13.1
Rhode Island 12.9
Washington D.C. 12.8
Washington  12.5
New Hampshire 12.3
Utah 12.1
Source: Broadview Networks