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This Is How Your Customers Really Want to Contact You (Infographic)

Few people like navigating complicated phone trees or sending an email to a black box. This is how they really want to communicate with your business.

Think about it: When you need to call a business because you have question about a bill or need a problem solved, the last thing you want to do is fight your way through a convoluted phone tree only to wait on hold indefinitely. You hate waiting on hold when you've called a business, right? So why are you making your customers do the same? It's a fast way to rack up negative customer service reviews and unwanted social media attention.

For this reason, businesses are gradually adding text messaging as a more efficient way to handle customer service issues. A recent study from business communications company OneReach reveals that roughly two out of three consumers with text messaging capability would rather communicate with customer service agents via text as opposed to email or phone.

The infographic below from OneReach explains how text-enabling your phone systems can help make your business more desirable to consumers.



IMAGES: Getty Images, One Reach
Last updated: Aug 14, 2014


Graham Winfrey is a staff writer for He previously covered alternative investments at Private Equity International magazine, prior to which he worked at Business Insider and He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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