Simple, Everyday Cost-Shaving Strategies

Accounting: Streamline Procedures
Fine-tuning accounting procedures and comparison shopping for banks can help improve your company's cash flow.
Cost Cutting: The Layoff-Free Way
Cutting costs doesn't have to mean cutting your employees. Here are five creative ways to save money your business -- none of them involving layoffs.
Cost Cutting: The Money Pit
They're the line item from hell: telecom costs. Most companies charges have doubled while rates have actually fallen. Here's how to get a grip on them.
Energy: Save Money on Energy Costs directs you to some of the Web's best resources for managing energy costs at your small business.
Nickel and Dime: Pennies From Heaven
Reining in the high cost of business travel.
Office Space: Five Ways to Save Money
Keeping rent low is a great way to keep your overall costs down. Here are five tips for doing just that, along with a checklist for negotiating the best deal before you sign on the dotted line.

Hot Tips: Easy Targets and Goals

Hot Tip: Team Up with Competition
Save money on material costs by teaming up with your competition.
Hot Tip: Keep Hiring Costs Down
Keep your recruitng costs low by asking friends in the industry for leads to good candidates.
Health Insurance Tips
Keeping an eye on costs and making reductions where they matter can help keep this key benefit affordable.
IT Tips: Cost Reset
Before you make those IT cuts, develop a plan to optimize expenses and maintain quality performance.
Hot Tip: Pay Bills Early, Earn Money
Chris Zane of Zane's Cycles earns his salary with the money he saves by paying his company bills early.
Expenses: Set Cost-Cutting Targets
Rethink each expense and how you can reduce it.
Telecommuting: Send Employees Home
Is rent putting a tight squeeze on your company's cash? Try setting up your employees at home.
Expenses: Reigning In Inventory Costs
For small retailers, effectively managing inventory is crucial to cutting costs and maintaining strong sales.
Expenses: Mobile Device Management
A single iPhone can cost a company thousands, annually, to maintain. Here's how to curb mobile expenses as workplaces become increasingly dependent on smartphones and PDAs.

Worthwhile Tools and Resources

45 Ideas That Can Save Your Business Money
45 money-saving ideas that can help your company do more with less.
A Can't-Miss Plan for Cutting Costs
Here's how Mike Scimeca drastically cut costs at his chemicals-and-metals supply company after revenue growth slowed.
Cost-Control Diet
Trim financial fat from your business's expenses.
Quiz: Are You A Penny Pincher?
When you're building a business, it pays to pinch pennies. But are you as thrifty as you could be? Take this quiz and find out.