These days, it's nearly impossible to find companies -- even itty-bitty ones -- that don't use some kind of formal teamwork to get projects done. Trouble is, many companies trip teams up by giving them a one-sheet game plan, sending them on their merry way, and somehow expecting victory.

If that sounds familiar, here's a little advice: No matter how talented and creative their individual players may be, teams can't succeed without firm goals and ways to achieve them. Winning teams thrive on structure that's created from the bottom up, yet guided by strong, confident leadership from the top of the organization. Use this collection of articles to help you hire and educate team players who can make your company a winner.

Teamwork FAQs

Any tips for hiring for a team environment?
This company hires team players by putting all job candidates through grueling office-wide scrutiny.
How can we build a winning sales team?
Consider rewarding sales-support staffers with commissions. Here's one company's approach.
We need to promote teamwork. Any ideas?
This tape company increased sales by developing an incentive system that offers bonuses to everyone in the company.
How do I manage virtual teams?
Use these long-distance management tips can to help keep your virtual teams connected.
Team Angst
A psychiatrist examines the conflict that often arises in work teams, comparing them with group therapy sessions. A good team relationship, he suggests, requires nurturing from a strong leader.

Team Success Factors

Great Players and Strong Leaders
We cling to the idea of success being based on individuals, but this article explains the value of a great group.
Read these tips and techniques that companies have successfully used to engage and motivate employee teams.
Training and Incentives
A CEO explains why employees need both incentives and training to make team-based management work.
Rewards and Recognition
If you want to build high-performance teams, you need to recognize and reward both individual and team efforts.
Effective Meetings
Use these seven strategies to help you dramatically improve your team meetings.

Team-Building Techniques

A Crash Course in Communication
Need a quick refresher on effective interpersonal interaction? This article and the ones that follow will help team players communicate more effectively.
Squelching Office Conflicts
Bickering employees can kill office morale and productivity. More businesses are paying ombudsmen to help staffers get along.
The Joy of Conflict
The impulse is to seek workplace consensus. But sometimes it's better to fight.
Listen Actively
Poor listening may be hurting your teams -- and your bottom line. Learn how to improve your listening skills.
Build Rapport with Different Personalities
Foster teamwork by learning how to handle personalities that push your buttons.
Don't Be Rude
Say what you mean without making enemies in the process.

Case Studies and Best Practices

Playing Well With Others
Office cliques sap morale and kill productivity. Does your firm have them?
Verifone's Virtual Teams Work
A former CIO explains how virtual teams can quickly gather information from even the most far-flung staffers.
Launch a Leadership Training Program
This company developed a comprehensive in-house leadership training program -- and saved money on it.
Make Marketing a Team Effort
Learn the value of team-based marketing.