Finding just one skilled employee in the current job market can be tough. Finding an entire team - from key executives to critical support staff - is downright daunting. But that's the task facing start-ups and growth companies today. The ability to acquire "human capital" now ranks with the need to obtain start-up and operating capital as one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses.

So what's an entrepreneur to do? You can beat the job glut, but first you have to take advantage of every available recruiting resource - from scouring the local colleges and the Internet to scouting your peers and competitors for potential candidates. Start your search with this collection of advice and tools from

Learn from the Best

Hire the Best
Getting a successful executive to join your management team may seem like the impossible dream. How can an upstart outbid the big boys for talent? It's all in how you approach the offer.
The Right Fit
For this Inc. 500 company, the problem wasn't just finding employees - it was finding the right employees.
Recruiting Secrets of the Smartest Companies Around
CEOs are finding that traditional staffing methods aren't enough anymore. Several successful small-business owners share their tricks for locating and luring top talent.

Go Back to School

Beyond Campus Recruiting
Large companies have teamed up with universities and business schools for years to recruit the best and brightest. Now smaller companies are going back to school to create invaluable school-to-work relationships with local educational institutions.

Work the Web

Is Your Company Web Site Turning Candidates Away?
You considered your customers, suppliers, and distributors when you created your company's Web site, but you may have overlooked one of your site's biggest audiences - potential employees.
Web Recruiting
More than 70% of companies use the Internet to recruit workers. Should you?
The Truth about Internet Recruiting
A look at why Internet job boards may or may not be the best solution for your staffing needs.

Enlist the Opposition

Hot Tip: Competitive Hiring
It's important to pay attention to where applicants are currently working. Chances are, there may be more candidates where they came from.
Poaching: Where to Draw the Line
It's no big secret that your biggest competitor can also be your biggest source of future qualified employees. But there are certain legal and ethical lines you'd be wise not to cross.

Spread the Word

Jazzy Job Ads Attract Lots of Responses
If you want to elicit more responses to your want ads, have fun with them. Creative titles and tantalizing ads will attract more job seekers.

Look Within

The Leader Within
Looking for an executive or successor? Don't overlook your own staff. Here's how to tap the talent sitting right under your nose.